New Year Karmaraderie

Shmoopy and I eschewed the boozy route to 2011 by going to a midnight Yoga Friday night. And given this is San Francisco perhaps we should have expected more than just a lone few hardy karmic souls to go out in the cold rain to wring in the New Year. We had a great time, us and one hundred forty karmarades.

Setting up for the event - you can see the DJ on the left.

Mark Morford led off by having all of us write down on red pieces of paper a few things we wanted to “release” from 2010 and “welcome” to ourselves for 2011. We folded the leaves of red paper and put them under our mats. Then, we downward dogged, cobra-ed, flying warrior-ed, back-bended and finally Sivasana-ed our way into 2011. What with the cold rain outside we didn’t hear much of any crowd in the streets – despite the studio being perched amidst several gay bars and a busy intersection of the Castro. We did hear the pounding disco beat from the dance bar below, whenever things got quiet. And we all pounded back on the floor at the stroke of midnight.

After, Mark had us all retrieve the red leaves from underneath our mats. We were instructed to fold once, twice, then keep going. Then, tear the folded papers up into bits of confetti. Finally – realizing what was in store – Mark instructed us to gather up the red confetti and fling it up in the air to give away both what we wanted to be rid of, but also what we wanted to welcome.

As the rose petals of old burdens, annoyances and new hopes and ambitions of over a hundred wet strangers sprinkled down on us I thought what a wonderful way to symbolize the possibilities of right now.


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