Pray, what do I do?

At the start of an exercise class the other day here in Queeristan, as the substitute introduced himself he mentioned we should send prayers to ~~~, our usual instructor, who had just had a death in her family. Tragic is that is, I have had to ponder the dilemma of whether it is correct to actually send prayers since I am not a believer. I of course know how to pray – having been instructed each night as a child and every Sunday in church.

I see some prayers as a form of helpful meditation and helpful life instruction, but not as anything that will influence a Supreme Being – should S/He even exist. I think prayer is helpful as a comfort for people who believe in it, certainly. But it wouldn’t help me – and I don’t think it would help ~~~.

I wouldn’t want to tell her I was praying for her if I did not. Maybe I should just tell her she’s been in my thoughts. That would be true, if not quite the same thing as prayers.


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