By eerie coincidence two friends of mine had parents pass away this week. Very traumatic for both of them, but both have said that because their parents had suffered progressive Alzheimers for years, they were ready for them to pass away. One called it the body catching up with the soul (I am paraphrasing a little), because he had not been able to communicate with his mother for a few years. She did not remember / recognize him. My other friend, whose father passed away, was almost relieved at the news of his passing because he too, remembered and recognized very little and on top of it suffered from some (other) chronic diseases as well and was in poor physical condition. He spent his last days on morphine to (we hope) keep him pain free as his life slipped away. Things are a bit somber this weekend. My own father is now 90, and thankfully still thinks clearly and (mostly!) remembers things – except how to get his voicemail. Much as I don’t want to get stuck in winter travel back east I will likely schedule another visit soon.


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