The dimwit drain

Shmoopy asked me over morning coffee at La Boulange if I’d heard the latest news from Arizona. Still thinking of the Tucson shootings and having purposefully ignored news squibs about it the last little while, I guessed the legislature had introduced a bill to require residents to carry a pistol to prevent the kind of shooting they had just had. That sort of mindset just seems to fit what I hear from that state more and more.

Well, that wasn’t it, but I wouldn’t bet against it still happening. What he was referring to was a new bill to require a “long form” official birth certificate to be reviewed before the Secretary of State places anyone on their presidential election ballot.

I told him I hadn’t heard that news yet, but that I was glad we have one state leading the dimwit charge in this country. They have Jan Brewer, Sheriff Arpaio, John McCain and a host of other elected sourpusses, usually with an extra-helping of stupid on the side. People who wave the flag of “Freedom” while stomping on the Constitution. Not that Arizona doesn’t face stiff competition.

I see a beacon of hope (for the rest of us) with Arizona, though. If it can just keep burnishing its craziness credentials, we may see a migration start from the rest of the country. Wouldn’t it just be ideal if they all moved to Arizona?

And maybe then, we convince them to secede. Flush them all down the dimwit drain as it were. I wouldn’t stop them.


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