Close by and overlooked

This view from the top of 23rd is what you come for.

I took a short walk up 23rd Street from Diamond to Grandview this afternoon to clear my mind a bit for writing, and to get at least some fresh air on what has been another gorgeous day in February here. I’m in a weekly writing workshop for a few months at The Writer’s Grotto in SOMA. Short stories, and my first is going to be due this week.

This isn’t a route that gets me anywhere (grocery store, yoga, the gym) so I neither walk it, nor drive it much except on occasions like this where I decide to just do it. Why this walk? It’s short, and good exercise because of the steep climb up the lower slope of Twin Peaks just below Portola / Market. But, it’s actually a lovely stretch of Noe Valley.

Rustic doorway tucked away

I love the blue on this home.







Catty-corner from the other blue house. Note the hares running around below the roof line.

Aloes in bloom – a popular plant here, it tolerates the sea wind and fog

Queen Palms flanking home on steep section

What you don't see in front of many Victorians here - a garden and fountain

Circa 1892! This is way up the hill - this home would have been a farmhouse.