Rooftop refresh

Earthbox for summer cutting flowers

End of April and it is plating time here in Queeristan. And least my little micro-climate corner of it. My sister sent me a another EarthboxTM for my birthday recently, so I have even more space up on the deck. I decided to use one of the boxes for a cherry tomato and cucumbers and one to gro flowers for cutting. Back when we lived in San Jose we had fresh flowers year round and it would be nice to have some here at least occasionally.

I had been thinking of ordering some seeds for white Marigolds, which I think would be great as cut flowers – much more so than the bright yellow or orange varieties that are so common. But I hadn’t gotten around to it, and none of the stores carry the seeds (they are still a bit rare, having only been bred back in the 80s). But on my trip this morning to Flowercraft nursery (opposite the Lowes on 3rd Street) I found great-looking young plants of a white variety called Vanilla and got one. I picked up a red “Mrs Bradshaw” geum as well. Geums were a favorite of mine from San Jose. Great as cut flowers and the red will be a great contrast to the white Marigolds.

I picked up a Sweet-100 tomato and several Armenian cucumbers (I’ve been getting these at local Farmer’s Markets in season and they are a fantastic cuke variety with no unpleasant green skin) for the veggie earthbox.

So, we shall see if the plants do as well this summer as last. Here are the starting pics.

The veggie box.


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