Survivor Redemption redux – Hunky Jesus, Mentos

As usual these Wednesday nights, I watched Survivor-Redemption Island tonight. Featuring Matt, his abs, and his religious fervor made me think of past weekend here in Queeristan. In celebration of the Rites of Spring, we gathered at Dolores Park on the sunny Sunday for an afternoon of music, picnicking, drag queens, fund raising and … the famous Hunky Jesus contest.

Shout out to Matt: next year with that long hippie / Jesus hair and ripped torso, you would be a strong competitor for Hunky Jesus! He may have a plan for you, after all. Just saying.

Another competitor, Philip, has pretty well developed his own unique Survivor character “brand.” That brand, being an annoying eccentric, may prove to have limited commercial appeal, despite the pure celebrity factor. If I were his agent after the show, I’d be trying for maybe a Mentos commercial. No one ever gets those, anyway.


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