Super Duper Castro burger in best SF Burger contest

Castro’s Super Duper burger caused some mouth-watering moments foe judges in a best of SF burger contest reported on by Eater-SF blog.  Apparently one of the secrets to the Super Duper burger, which I can personally attest to being a luscious delight, is the sharpened spatula used to flip the burger in order to keep the grill carmelization intact. As reported by judge Jared Rivera:

The secret here is they sharpen their spatulas. At first I thought, “Is this some mafia shit or something?” but no, here’s why it’s better. It’s about the caramelization of the burger. They sharpen the spatula; the caramelization stays on the patty and they flip it over. That’s how you get all that goodness

Competing burgers were tasted from Fifth Floor and Citizen’s Band plus one “secret” burger that turned out to be from the new Emeryville-based food truck Doc’s of the Bay.

Doc’s of the Bay is trying to open a food truck in San Francisco – on Divisidero near Page – as reported on in the SF Weekly last week. Hopefully their application will sail through the City’s red tape. Oh crap, of course it won’t just sail through that would be far too easy. But I do hope they persevere and get established here. The Food Truck movement seems to offer up-and-coming chefs a ticket to their own menu and brand that is unaffordable otherwise.


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