Overheard at Pica Pica

Went to Pica Pica for arepas after yoga tonight. Couldn’t help overhearing the conversations at the tables adjacent.

Table A: Three twenty-something guys, arguing and exchanging notes on the backs of receipts about advanced mathematics. Matrix this. Normalize that. If the vector i goes to infinity… I had no idea what the conversation was about. BUT I kept stealing glances at the farthest guy – he was scruffy hot, with deep dark eyes and wearing a motorcycle jacket. ZOMG. The other two looked like Math dorks.

Table B: Maybe a couple on a blind date, or at least a first date. She was doing most of the talking, about her folks back in Springfield (they live in a huge house on a lot of land but its close to a meth lab) and then telling her date all about the foodie scene in the Mission. He seemed interested in Humphry Slocombe – perhaps they were headed there after dinner.


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