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Bagdad Cafe is gone. A Castro institution since before even my time. Oh my! As a crotchety old-timer I thought it passed it’s prime a few years ago when they started accepting credit cards. The food itself was never special, but the corner location, light-filled seating area and anything goes decor really made it into more than the sum of it’s parts. Bagdad was a meeting place, one of the few 24 hour joints in the Castro (the entire City, for that matter), and felt more like “Queer home” than the much newer LGBT center down Market Street.

All good things…. blah blah well Bagdad has ended her reign as Queen of Queer Diners, and she left a pair of drag-queen-sized glittery pumps to fill.

Enter, Criolla. I passed by while doing some research around the corner at the Library. Workers were painting, and getting things ready inside and out. Opens today at 6pm, say the signs. Soul Food, by way of Cuba and Portugal. BBQ. Red beans and rice. Chicken and Waffles. This is not your typical gay fare. This is serious NOLA influence.

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3 thoughts on “Criolla!

  1. they ‘ve really dressed the place up, haven’t they? They’ve capitalized on that ‘decrepid’ look and feel and embraced it with the NOLA vibe. Cool. I hear they’ll be open 24 hours, too.

  2. Can’t wait to try it – especially late at night if it is 24 hours. Could become a great late night hang out. Maybe I’ll need to learn to like crawfish. Or, not.

    • Had brunch last weekend with a friend here. He liked the waffle – reporting it crisp with a tender center. He thought the mimosa was off, however – not great OJ. I thought the “bananas foster” french toast a very weak version of what french toast should be about. It should be great bread soaked in rich egginess. I got two slices of what-evah bread that seemed to have been wiped with egg batter rather than soaked. The inside was dry with no trace of eggy-deliciousness.

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