Last gasp of the Patriarchs

Buffalo, NY and environs are electing a Congressional Representative to replace the previous Republican, Chris Lee, a married white straight man whose shirtless cruising picture sent in response to a Craigslist ad brought us the “Craigslist Congressman” headlines a few months ago, shortly succeeded by his histrionic apologies and resignation.

The political issue most at stake here, aside from the usual local concerns, is how voters in this comfortably republican district will react given the earlier House vote to eliminate Medicare as we know it – replacing it with a limited voucher system and leaving seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry. Will they stick with the republicans, or do the democrats have a chance this time?

Seniors overwhelmingly don’t want Medicare changed, but the voucher plan seems popular with those in the Tea Party – which is why the House republicans brought it up and voted for it. Why would the Tea Party be in favor? When they are largely seniors? Only a guess – but I believe it is another symptom of the last gasp of anger from the Patriarchs – the old white straight men who have held the power in the country. You see, the republican proposal wouldn’t get rid of Medicare for those already on it. Just for anyone younger,  that is. “Don’t touch my single-payer government-funded health care,” but sure, go ahead and cut it off for the brown and yellow hordes that are set to take over the country in a few decades.


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