Lord Give Us the Rapture, But

Lord Give Us the Rapture, But

Lord give us the Rapture and take all the Christians, the
Showy church going
False prophecy making
Mercedes limo praying
Reality show braying
Poverty fearing
Leave us Your followers, instead.

Lord give us the Rapture and take all those whose
Credit-cards have a greater limit than their Love;
Who have hate in their eyes rather than Love in their souls
and fire on their tongues rather than Forgiveness;
Who Love their country club companions but scorn their down-the-hill brethren;
Who respect power and money, make war and enmity, and waste Your creation.

Yes, Lord, please take all of them but leave us the followers of Jesus, who
Worked hard – for others;
Worked miracles – but not for himself;
Who put Love over laws and
Tried to make the world better for us.
What’s more green than a donkey.

Lord give us the Rapture but leave us the Love-inspiring, generous, poor-helping, and peacemaking;
Those who are up-lifted but not always up-scaled;
Who use their minds and take care of all Your gifts.

Lord, take those who fear You. Comfort them and put their fear to rest. We are all one.


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