The perils of shooting food

And I am not referring to hunting accidents. I was perusing the interwebs just now for a recipe for a pizza I want to make for a dinner party tonight that will have Italian sausage with panna and green onions. I had this pizza at Starbelly in the Castro recently and it is a delicious combination. When I googled for a recipe my first hit came up with a similar pizza photographed at Beretta, which is an immensely and deservedly popular Italian cocktail bar and restaurant nearby on Valencia Street.
Here it is:

Sausage, panna and green onion pizza at Beretta on Valencia and 23rd, the Mission.

I looked at the photo and thought “Eeeeww! A moldy pizza.” The splotches of panna on the tomato sauce photograph as mold – not making for an appetizing advertisement!


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