Report from the roof

The rooftop garden is getting a real treat this year–hot July weather! This is extraordinary, as we all know the trope from Mark Twain about the coldest winter he’d ever experienced being summer in San Francisco (not yet then known as Queeristan, but the Barbary Coast nickname was a step in the direction.)

I think it may be too late for the Armenian cucumber. Turns out they are even more heat-seeking than tomatoes. But the Sweet 100 cherry tomato is thriving, with green marbles already and dozens of blossoms on the sturdy three-foot shrub. I’ve started picking off many of the blossoms–a friend from Campbell mentioned that they inhibit taller growth, which is perhaps why my tomato seems quite short (but big, nevertheless). In any case, deflowering will at least mean some bigger tomatoes.

I’m hoping in another two weeks to start tasting.

The cutting flowers are doing well. The white marigold, Vanilla, is a creamy off-white, quite a nice shape. It’s been flowetring profusely for over a month. The stems are shorter than I had hoped for, though. The Geum has just started blooming, a gorgeous shade of red, with long cutting stems. I hope for a long season. I just potted up a double-flowered Shasta Daisy, which should have a long flower season. The stems are long and the flowers spectacular. I’ll keep you posted on this one.




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