The new and the old

Great news this morning in the Chronicle. First, Charles Phan has gotten all the city approvals and red tape completed to work on opening his latest restaurant in his oldest location. Apparently he kept the space he had for his original and now iconic Slanted Door (on Valencia before it was quite as trendy). He plans to open a restaurant called Wing Ho General Store. It will be focused on the street food of southern China. The exact regions are not mentioned so I don’t know if this means cantonese, or another southern region but out does mention Jook will be on the menu. Michelle Ma from Ponzu is in on the action.

The other hot news also from the Chron is about a Goan cuisine restaurant in the Marina. Viva Goa is the somewhat confused name, out perhaps it’s a tribute to all the Italian spots in that area. I will have to go give their Vindaloo a try. But first, I haven’t even been to Amber over near the Metreon yet!


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