The debt that came to dinner

It’s hard to solve a problem when you’re thinking about it the wrong way. I love the TV news footage of Bachmann and her fellow Rs talking about how family’s can solve their spending problems like adults, around the dinner table. Only one problem…

The debt ceiling debate in Congress is not like having a family discussion around the dinner table about how to spend a strapped budget. It’s like a wealthy family talking about how to pay off a huge credit card bill. You see, someone in the family let a krazy uncle in Afghanistan have temporary charge authority. (And he still has it). The person was probably thinking “Oh what can he possibly spend it on, they don’t even have a Tiffany’s in Kabul.” To add insult to stupidity, the same person (it is strongly suspected) gave charge powers to acquaintances in Baghdad, met on a Persian Gulf cruise twenty years ago who telegrammed that the holidays were near and they just had a few “wants.”

Now, huge though it is, the family can well afford the bill. The discussion isn’t about whether to spend, or what to buy, because honey, that card has already been rung up.

The discussion is about where to get the money.

“How about we cut the pay of all our household staff for a few months and stop tipping the waiters at bars and restaurants? That will add up!”

“Yeah! They don’t get much anyway – maybe they’ll hardly notice! Nina’s illegal anyway, it’s not like she can complain.”

“Maybe we just write a check on the main account? It’s not like that’s going to break the bank. Even if it did, look what happened the last time we broke the bank, we got richer!”

“I know – let’s do both!”


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