Mobile wars

In the rising battle among mobile phone handset camps, now meaningfully distilled to Apple’s iPhone line vs various Android manufacturers, a survey written up over at CNET shows that the iPhone tends to be the “stickier” handset. According to a new survey by UBS research, 31 percent of current Android users will contemplate a switch to the iPhone. But the survey was small and included only 51 actual Android users. Still, as a user of the original Google Nexus One, I can say I will definitely evaluate any new iPhones and carrier plans when I go about upgrading. Poor ATT service and expense was a key reason I didn’t go with the iPhone a year and a half ago, and that situation has obviously changed. Rumor has it that the iPhone will come to Sprint soon, and Sprint still offers a great all-inclusive plan. My remaining qualm about the iPhone is the same problem I experience with my iPod Touch which is the battery is irreplaceable. if Samsung can make an Android handset lighter and thinner than the iPhone (and they have) then Apple’s stated reason for the proprietary and irreplaceable battery is either obsolete, or at least probably not the full story. Apple knows the value of an ongoing revenue stream. And when I as a customer get value for my money, I am happy to go with that. I am a happy Macbook Pro user, and I know I get me several hundred dollars worth when I subscribe to the three-year support plan. But having to go back and pay a significant premium every 18 months or so for a battery? I don’t know…


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