Shmoopy’s twin sister posted a note to Facebook last night that she had taken our two teenage nephews to see the new Sacha Baron Cohen flick Bruno. And that it constituted her low-point of parental decision-making so far. Having sat through Bruno myself, with a group of gay friends and Shmoopy, I can imagine her horror as the raunchy “plot” and punking episodes unfolded. Did she not see the trailers? The kids apparently liked it – it was gross enough, no doubt, for teen laughs. But what exactly constitutes an R rating these days? I haven’t found out if they actually stayed for the entire movie – I am sure I would have been out of there if it had happened to me. “Come on! We’re leaving!,” would have been my mantra at the first sight of the mechanized dildo. Which I think comes pretty early. But as far as a parental decision-making nadir, I think she’s doing pretty well if Bruno tops (or bottoms?) the list.


Room full of rockers

Nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs is a phrase that springs to mind, with less than four hours now before the start of this month’s Barbershop Reading Series. At which your truly will read a section of a work-in-progress. Possibly with the help of half a Xanax scrounged from a sock drawer. Don’t ask.

RIP Michael and Farrah!

I am so overdue for an update here that news and personal events are piling up in a heap. Michael Jackson dead at 50! Farrah Fawcett passes away on the same sad day. Shmoopy was watching YouTube Farrah tributes last night while I was at my penultimate session of the writer’s workshop led by Michael McAllister.
Despite all the craziness that surrounded Michael Jackson, his creative genius was never in question. He will be more remembered for his music and performances than anything else. Which is more than can be said for his adult life, sadly.

Amidst the gloom I got a chuckle from the statement last night from his attorney as quoted today in the papers:

“I have warned that one day Michael Jackson would wake up dead”

– in regards misuse of prescription drugs. Well, unfortunately he did not wake up.

At writing group one member said he was a huge Michael fan as a teen, even keeping a rhinestoned glove hidden in a drawer. Another member had the iconic Farrah Fawcett poster in his room. I still have a fondness for Charlie’s Angels – maybe Lifetime or Oxygen will begin a set of reruns.

Moving Men – Modern dance at The Garage

MovingmenThNQAF 2009 is in full swing leading up the SF Gay Pride the end of June. Too many events are going on across the City to get to all of them but Shmoopy got tickets for us to see the modern dance performance “Moving Men” last night at The Garage on Howard Street. More performances all month.

It was a great show – the space is intimate so you get the up-closeness that is impossible at a venue like Yerba Buena when we go to see ODC Dance. You hear the thumping when people hit the floor, the schussing of the slippers skidding across the floor. The lights even sometimes caught sweat flinging – reminding the audience (as if we needed it!) how much athleticism is required to do modern dance. In one piece a dance was silhouetted in a backlight open doorway, reached up and grapped a hidden bar. He did a one-handed pull-up, very slowly so the effect was his body lifting from the floor as if growing weightless. But no – a one-handed slow pull-up was just the start. Then he started a series of slow leg raises. But wait! Then he started a series of clock-hand twists. All in the backlighted doorway.

The show was choreographed for four dancers but the company had to replace one performer at last week when he got a job with Virgin Airways and was put on call all this weekend. (I said to Shmoopy – yeah its Gay Pride LA this weekend; you can bet any flight attendant with an ounce of seniority is on vacation in LA right now). Anyway they had to change some of the pieces to reflect a fill-in dancer, who did a great job – and he obviously didn’t have the background and training of the others. He was huffing and puffing like you or me would. But the show went on, and well done!

I’m now listening to Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” as I blog this. This piece was the music to one of the dances. In fact a lot of great music was heard and I’ve got to remember to get some more off iTunes. This piece is a Philip Glass-y with vocals thing. A nice change-up from all the dance music we listen to. Curious how modern dance performances eschew “dance” music.

Weekend update

Shmoopy and I checked out Trigger tonight. Certainly one of the tonier bars in the neighborhood. They’re also doing the 2-for-1 Happy Hour, which we didn’t realize and ended up with twice as much cocktail as we could drink.

For a tony place, it was a bit odd that what looks like a stripper cage and pole are positioned above the center bar. Not in use for Happy Hour at least. Someone was setting up for an acrobatic act as we left – very Vegas.

Caught a quick dinner at Sliders then walked back up the hill. My big weekend plan is to upgrade the hard drive in my Macbook Pro to a new 350gb high-speed drive, and to double the memory to 4gb. Wish me luck. If I’m not back on here you are forewarned as to why.


I’ve discovered Pandora – the web radio that creates a custom playlist based on music you like. I’m using it to play “spa” music on my laptop while I work. I find it helps me concentrate and keeps me from distractions.

I had started to get new stuff for my iPod (there’s only so many times I can listen to the Hawaiian thunderstorm even if it does keep the cat away!) but the variety of stuff on Pandora is great, it doesn’t repeat, and it’s FREE.