April 25th ‘Day of Silence’

I never catch Larry King’s show, but he did a nice PSA for tomorrow’s Day of Silence, recalling Lawrence King’s murder in an Oxnard school early this year.


Fight Out Loud video highlights rise in hate crimes

Fight Out Loud  have produced a video calling attention to hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.  The fact is that while progress is being made in promoting acceptance, that very progress can become threatening to some.  A tolerance-toxic atmosphere created in the past seven years of Bush / Ashcroft / Gonzales  seems to be having its effect.

Larry King, Sanesha Stewart, Adolphus Simmons, Alexio Bello, Patricia Murphy, Beyoncé Williams – all killed in 2008, and memorialized in this video.

April 25th – Day of Silence to honor Lawrence King

Update: Fight Out Loud produces video highlighting 2008 LGBTQ hate-killings
dos-2ndlogo.jpgFor the past eleven years the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has organized the national Day of Silence demonstration against harassment (i.e. silencing) faced daily by many LGBT school kids.

This year’s Day of Silence, which will be on April 25th,  will be held in memory of Lawrence King, who friends say was murdered in a California school February 12 because of his sexual orientation and gender expression. Continue reading