Point Break Live!

For one of his birthday presents last week, I took my husband to an off-off-Broadway stage production.  We both like small quirky productions and hadn’t been in a while.  The production was “Point Break Live!” which recently debuted in San Francisco’s Potrero Theatre, across from the Buena Vista School on Potrero Avenue.  In what I suspect was a former auto-body shop.  It’s a theatrical adaptation of the DVD cult hit Point Break, which ‘starred’  Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swazey and Gary Busey.  It’s part action film, part performance art parody.  Yes, I think that’s what it’s striving for, to be a parody of performance art, using the vehicle of an audience participation, stage adaptation, of a cult-hit action film with wooden actors.  As you can see, it was fantastic!  No really, it was.

In addition to a General Admission seat, you buy a disposable rain ponch for $1 when you come into the theatre.  That’s to protect your clothes (should you have been foolish enough to have worn nice ones), cell phones and cameras from the spray of red-dye#2 (blood), water (50-year storm surf), and Coppertone (oops – we got slimed anyway!).

The play starts with the casting of the lead role, Johnny Utah.  I had thought that this would require a lot of cajoling to get audience members interested in taking part and reading all their lines from cue cards.  Au contraire, no fewer than fifteen young men and one woman hopped up on stage to try out for the role.  After some trials,  Sam Sheldon was selected for the evening’s performance and he was taken backstage for wardrobe.

How, you ask yourself, could a stage play re-enact the surfing, the sky-diving, that are integral to Point Break?  How could a lowly newbie from the audience render believable the performance of Johnny Utah, played with such emotive force in the movie by young Keanu?  Well, you will have to find out for yourself.  Suffice it to say it involves campy, fun stage props and suspension harnesses.  Some photos are included but my pathetic Blackberry Pearl camera lens really was not up to the task.

All said and done, we had a great time and highly recommend Point Break Live!

YouTube official teaser: