Farina Pizza near opening at 18th and Valencia

The comely white-tile wall, white leather seat diner on the corner of 18th and Valencia (doors down from a slew of new or newish places such as Craftsman and Wolves bakery cafe, Grub restaurant, and the underway Dandelion small-batch chocolate factory) now has a sign up saying it is Farina Pizza. Makes sense since Farina restaurant is just a half-block away on 18th. Pardon me while I leave to get in line now. This place looks like it will be red hot. Have you seen the ceiling tiles with portraits done in comic style?


Doc’s of the Bay coming to 22nd and Mission

The smash burger. Be careful, it's loaded!

Don’t miss the upcoming premier of the Doc’s of the Bay award-winning “Smash Burger” at 22nd and Mission Streets. They just got their DPW permit for Saturday nights. Later to come to Valencia and 16th Streets on Friday nights, but the permits and details are still being worked out.


Via MissionMission!

Butter burger – the new menace to your arteries

Has anyone been to Maverick’s on 17th at Mission for the butter burger yet? I saw a video of how it’s prepared.

Chuck from Montana is ground up with sticks of butter. Really. Then cooked sous-vide at 52c for 25 minutes or so, then browned in more butter. Served with melted butter. Yikes!


Sounds like a new take on those Texas restaurants you hear about serving seven pound steaks. They should be like “Eat the butter burger for nothing! Your $17 back if you’re heart-attack free for a week after.*”

*$17 includes wine with your butter and beef fat.

The perils of shooting food

And I am not referring to hunting accidents. I was perusing the interwebs just now for a recipe for a pizza I want to make for a dinner party tonight that will have Italian sausage with panna and green onions. I had this pizza at Starbelly in the Castro recently and it is a delicious combination. When I googled for a recipe my first hit came up with a similar pizza photographed at Beretta, which is an immensely and deservedly popular Italian cocktail bar and restaurant nearby on Valencia Street.
Here it is:

Sausage, panna and green onion pizza at Beretta on Valencia and 23rd, the Mission.

I looked at the photo and thought “Eeeeww! A moldy pizza.” The splotches of panna on the tomato sauce photograph as mold – not making for an appetizing advertisement!

Beautifull! addition to Gold’s

We’re informed by the intrepid reporters of EaterSF that the opening date for the new “Beautifull!” healthy food joint being created within the Castro Gold’s Gym is now May 21st. I can attest that the construction is coming along although they have a way to go. So let’s hope they hit the target, and that the food is great. Here’s hoping for “Lilah Belle” quality take-home.

Has anyone been to the existing outlet in Laurel Village?


Courtesy, EaterSF


Bagdad Cafe is gone. A Castro institution since before even my time. Oh my! As a crotchety old-timer I thought it passed it’s prime a few years ago when they started accepting credit cards. The food itself was never special, but the corner location, light-filled seating area and anything goes decor really made it into more than the sum of it’s parts. Bagdad was a meeting place, one of the few 24 hour joints in the Castro (the entire City, for that matter), and felt more like “Queer home” than the much newer LGBT center down Market Street.

All good things…. blah blah well Bagdad has ended her reign as Queen of Queer Diners, and she left a pair of drag-queen-sized glittery pumps to fill.

Enter, Criolla. I passed by while doing some research around the corner at the Library. Workers were painting, and getting things ready inside and out. Opens today at 6pm, say the signs. Soul Food, by way of Cuba and Portugal. BBQ. Red beans and rice. Chicken and Waffles. This is not your typical gay fare. This is serious NOLA influence.

More at EaterSF.


Super Duper Castro burger in best SF Burger contest

Castro’s Super Duper burger caused some mouth-watering moments foe judges in a best of SF burger contest reported on by Eater-SF blog.  Apparently one of the secrets to the Super Duper burger, which I can personally attest to being a luscious delight, is the sharpened spatula used to flip the burger in order to keep the grill carmelization intact. As reported by judge Jared Rivera:

The secret here is they sharpen their spatulas. At first I thought, “Is this some mafia shit or something?” but no, here’s why it’s better. It’s about the caramelization of the burger. They sharpen the spatula; the caramelization stays on the patty and they flip it over. That’s how you get all that goodness

Competing burgers were tasted from Fifth Floor and Citizen’s Band plus one “secret” burger that turned out to be from the new Emeryville-based food truck Doc’s of the Bay.

Doc’s of the Bay is trying to open a food truck in San Francisco – on Divisidero near Page – as reported on in the SF Weekly last week. Hopefully their application will sail through the City’s red tape. Oh crap, of course it won’t just sail through that would be far too easy. But I do hope they persevere and get established here. The Food Truck movement seems to offer up-and-coming chefs a ticket to their own menu and brand that is unaffordable otherwise.