Butterflies and coronas

With the July weather this year so unusually warm, we took a walk up to the top of Corona Heights yesterday for the view. We’ve been to most of the viewpoints around – Twin Peaks is closest to us, and Mt Davidson, and Sutro and some others – but had not been up the rocky summit of Corona Heights, above the Randall Museum. Spectacular views over downtown towards Chinatown, North Beach and on and on, as well as all the way South down past the Bayview, Hunters Point, Candlestick and following the faint outlines of the hills through haze all the way down past San Jose and beyond.

When we got back I putzed around a bit with the tomatoes growing in a container on the roof. I’ve got a Sweet 100 and a Black Cherry in a five gallon planter, but I suspect they have gotten rootbound now because the fast growth has stalled the past week or so and although the two plants have dozens of green tomatoes now, only one ripened and none is getting as large as they should (even, granted, they are just cherry tomatoes!). I figured its too late to try to switch them to a larger planter, and if I did it would be difficult to move them inside when it gets cold. So I just added more soil, up to the very top of the planter, and am hoping the additional soil will make a difference. I guess I will need larger containers and some way to get them inside in the future – for now I will see how these do the rest of the summer.

Shmoopy and I had dinner with friends at Butterfly last night, an Asian/Californian restaurant on the waterfront at Pier 33. Cocktails and the meals were all good. Oh, and the banana bread pudding with young coconut ice cream was great too!


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