Up Your Alley

2010 Official Poster

It’s deep winter here in Queeristan – and you know what holiday that brings! Yes, it’s the Dore Alley Street Fair. Or, as the party producers would have us refer to it – “Up Your Alley.” Originally a little local thang that was preferred by some to the much bigger Folsom Street Fair, Dore Alley took on a life of its own and now occupies not only a far greater number of blocks than just Dore Alley between Howard and Folsom (the original fair) – it occupies a much bigger mindshare for tourists and promoters alike.

It was just four years ago that I heard of a special circuit party event being produced for Dore Alley – the appropriately named “Bay of Pigs.” Now quite a few promoters are throwing them parties all weekend and even during the week before.

And what your intrepid blogger doing this weekend? Well, let’s start by reporting that after a two-week exercise hiatus, the combination of Body-Pump squats and deadlifts yesterday with this morning’s Les Leventhal Yoga class has me not wanting to do a lot of walking right now!

That said, I will be at the street fair tomorrow. You know – just to check out the scene!

Steve Cruz calling Naked Twister for a fundraiser at previous Dore Alley


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