Harvey Milk + Jose Sarria

Two great men who are now working well together. Or, their legacies are, at least.

from Strange De Jim

Photo courtesy Strange de Jim

Saturday was the grand re-opening of the Castro’s public library branch, named the Eureka Valley Harvey Milk Branch and situated on the renamed block of 16th Street at Pond Street now known as Jose Sarria Court.

If Harvey Milk blazed a trail for other gays to follow in his activist steps, José Sarria blazed an earlier trail that allowed Harvey Milk to get traction in the 70s here in San Francisco.

The dedication was well-attended and after all the City officials weighed in to say their bits and thank yous, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence gave a blessing –  sprinkling the sidewalk in front with Milk and Glitter.  And the ribbon was cut, and we all crowded in.

Now go! Borrow, read, enjoy, create & liberate!


Public Option In

If it passes, and if Pres. Obama signs it, what will be interesting is how many Republican Governors make moves to “opt out” their states. I would wager that, just as with the stimulus money, we will have lots of jib-jabbering but little follow through. With 60% of Americans wanting a strong public option for health, the ‘Pubs are unlikely to pursue their water-carrying for Insurers outside the media. My two cents.

And now a word from Sierra Leone

My neighbor R, a twenty-something nursing student, jetted off this morning to volunteer as a midwife in a village in Sierra Leone for the next month. She will live with other volunteers in a concrete dormitory building without electricity or running water. This is going to be Survivor without TV cameras and prizes. We had dinner a while back, and she explained that Sierra Leone has the highest infant mortality rate in the world. The group she is with runs programs to teach midwife and infant-care skills in places like Sierra Leone, to help bring up the survival rate. I am awed by her guts. Go R!


So LitQuake 2009 is underway and I am going to be at Joe’s Barbershop tonight for Be Afraid!  Evil Queens, Menacing Dykes, and Secret Gay Agendas, a special edition of the hit reading series.

I’ll also be attending Thursday’s 22nd edition of Literary Death Match:

Since launching in SF in July 2007, the Literary Death Match has spanned the globe—London, Paris, Beijing—but no question, the most epic episodes of the series have happened at Litquake. Join us for the third Litquake LDM: SF, Ep. 22, as we bring together a cast like never before, with an uber-talented trio of judges: actress/poet Amber Tamblyn, artist extraordinaire Paul Madonna and SF Chronicle cultural scribe David Wiegand, who will pass judgment on a downright stellar literary lineup featuring Tod Goldberg (Other Resort Cities), Frances Dinkelspiel (Towers of Gold), Lynka Adams (A Skeleton at the Feast), and James Nestor (Get High Now (Without Drugs)).
Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa Street, San Francisco

I’m in a fantastic literary mood right now – due in perhaps unequal parts to reading Oscar Wilde for the first time (amazing!) as well as the inspiration of Julie and Julia and a breakthrough in plot and character motivation for a work in progress. We’ll see what progress I make!