NYC – Crashing Ric Sena’s Alegria party

We didn’t technically crash it, ok? We had tickets – it just felt like we were crashing it because – well, we are not all that fabulous. I mean, when I am at a party where there are lots of celebrities I do not feel a strong sense of belonging. And there were people I recognized from music videos, gossip blogs, and read about in Page One Q.

But, let me start with a little background on our Saturday evening over Memorial Day weekend in New York City.  First off, I am still writing up my notes from the weekend and here it is the following weekend already!  And I am excerpting this part out of sequence – you will just have to wait a little while longer for all the juice on the Murakami exhibit.  (Of course I need not tell you about him – he’s Japan’s simultaneous answer to, and fabulous exaggeration of, Andy Warhol – but I digress).  Shmoopy and I were in NYC on frequent flier points (like an under-employed writer can afford to jet off to NYC otherwise LOL!) and met up with our Boston friends S and T.  S and T introduced us to their NYC friends J and G – more later as they are fabulous themselves! – and we did lunch and the Murakami all together Saturday afternoon.  OK – you have the set up…

…We left J and G at the Brooklyn Museum, and headed back via subway to the West Village.  We ended up getting pizza takeout from John’s on Bleecker (packed!) and we took it back to the studio apartment being lent to S and T for the weekend.

Right in the heart of the West Village, it is the studio of a friend of S and T who is a writer and editor, whom we met in San Francisco when he was here on a book tour a year ago.  Now this was what I think of when I picture a small apartment in New York City.  Not the expensive lushly decorated and furnished view apartments you see on TV shows, inhabited by people who have “average” jobs.  No, this studio was about the size of our kitchen, with a mini-stove, fridge, positioned at the back of the building so no view of Bleecker (but less noise as well).  The building had an elevator, so it violated my conception in that regard – it was a fourth-floor “ride up”.  It was crowded with bookcases overflowing with books in every direction – no surprise given the inhabitant.

After finishing up or rather scarfing down the pizza, we split up to do our individual errands and get disco naps.  Later, we would all be meeting at Webster Hall in the East Village for Ric Sena’s long-running disco party called Alegria.  We planned to meet there about 1am.

So off Rick and I headed to cat nap a bit first. We arrived at Webster Hall a little after 1am.  No longer at Crobar,  Alegria now is held in this venue which is in an area straddling the border of Chelsea and the East Village.  Seems there were several events there that evening and one (a straight rave of some type) had a long line waiting outside and snaking down 11th Street.  But once we got oriented to the correct entrance we got right in.

Not exactly crowded yet at 1:30am but it soon picked up, and our friends S and T met up with us on the dance floor soon.  We did see Colton Ford, singer / porn star, so our celeb-spotting needs were practically fulfilled right at the start.  I also saw Cazwell, who sings with Colton Ford, and I believe is a producer as well.

Our little group positioned itself towards the stage-end of the dance floor.  We had the usual opening drama of who-had-what, getting equipped with water etc. then staked out our spot.  The bathrooms were downstairs, and crowded.  There was a very calm woman stationed in the ladies bathroom to hand out towels, sell earplugs, chapstick and other stuff people forgot to bring, and presumably to prevent the stalls from being occupied for other-than-intended uses.  I would love to hear her stories sometime!

Even more than Los Angeles, the New Yorkers strike me as being very style and body conscious.  Being home not just to theatre acting but also to modeling, and quite a bit of television and indie film production, has a significant impact.  At events in San Francisco I think more people are just out to have a fun time, but the crowd in New York seemed to have a high see-and-be-seen quotient.   Not that I minded at all.  Dancing and mingling amidst people who could all be on MTV2 reality shows ain’t all bad!  Some of them were not exactly shy types, either. A gaggle of cute models nearby engaged in some hanky-panky that I thought had gone out with the Giuliani administration. So, it seems life is returning to New York.

Three DJs alternated sets, of varying quality- or rather of varying dance-ability.  A singer came on the stage sometime during the early morning and did a number – although I don’t recall anyone getting billing as a performer on the event flyers, and no one nearby me recognized her or the song either. We left early, a little after 5am.  We had a good time, but rather than stay and be exhausted the entire rest of the day we wanted to get some rest, and then check out more of NYC.  As we exited, people were still arriving.  S and T stayed until 7am and said the crowd was still strong then.


More McCainery

This internet thingy is going make the upcoming campaign season veeery interesting. Contradictory statements to different audiences, slip-ups, just plain stupid utterances will be compiled and YouTubed endlessly. I don’t know which side is going to handle it better, but McCain’s staffers can officially start to worry.

This compilation doesn’t even touch on McCain’s various pastor problems of which John Hagee is just one.

Lesbian Supreme – Stockholm syndrome victim?

Daily News correspondent Ann Bradley reported today that California Supreme Court Justice Carol Corrigan, a lesbian, wrote one of the two dissenting opinions in the just-won case for gay marriage.  Siding with the hetero-supremists she wrote:

“Requiring the same substantive legal rights is, in my view, a matter of equal protection. But this does not mean the traditional definition of marriage is unconstitutional.” And further, “The people are entitled to preserve this traditional understanding in the terminology of the law, recognizing that same-sex and opposite-sex unions are different. What they are not entitled to do is treat them differently under the law.”

However the majority opinion found instead that language influences treatment, and therefore – as in the historic overturn of separate-but-equal legislation for African Americans – denying the status of “married” to gays

“poses a risk that the different name itself will have the effect of denying such couple’s relationship the equal respect and dignity to which the couple is constitutionally entitled.”

The Daily News as well as other media sites are arguing the legal points of this. But what seems clear to me is that at this point in history and given that a majority of her colleagues argued convincingly in favor of a significant advance of human rights, Justice Corrigan failed her community.

Probably not through cowardice, nor self-hate even, but instead through identification with a social tradition that denies her own self worth and goodness as a person. We LGBT are very much at times hostages of a society that as a matter of course denigrates and demeans us. It’s sad to see that even those who can overcome so many obstacles as Justice Corrigan can lose track of what is happening. For she might find herself, as I believe, on the wrong side of an historic divide.

Stockholm syndrome – Wikipedia.

Comedy at The Marsh

Marga Gomez, the self-styled lesbian “Chica from Massapequa”, is preparing a new show entitled “Long Island Iced Latina” for a run in New York City.  In a combination send-off and dress rehearsal she booked a three-night run at the Marsh Cafe (1070 Valencia Street) to present her show to local fans.  At the same time, Samantha Chanse performed episodes from her upcoming work for the New York Fringe Festival entitled “Lydia’s Funeral Video”.

Gomez’s routine focuses on her “entrapment” as a budding teenager in Long Island suburbia with her mother, and her feelings of alienation based on being a “Booba” or a non-Spanish-speaking Latina.  Her comedy routine hits on all fronts and challenges ethnic, sexual and music-preferences.

As an opener for Gomez, new comic Samantha Chanse gave a preview from a one woman play she is readying for the upcoming New York Fringe festival.  The premise is as political as it is comic – a young woman sometime in the not-to-distant future – “you know it’s the future because the clothes are shiny” – begins to receive dream messages from her new embryo. Ominous messages – that she needs to prepare a funeral video. Which starts her on a project to interview friends and relatives to talk about her on camera. We didn’t get the full production but from what I saw she is a promising talent.  I can’t wait for her show to make it back to San Francisco at some point – hopefully later this year.

Is there a homo in McCain’s future? blog is reporting that perpetual bachelor Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is reportedly vying for the second spot on the McCain – “?” 2008 bumper stickers, may release a “sexy” tape (not a sex tape!) of him cavorting with a (married) gal-pal. Not to start another GOP sex-scandal but instead as a stunt like the one Samantha pulled on the Sex and the City episode where she videotapes herself with her young boyfriend Smith and releases it to quell rumors that she is a lesbian. Because rumors abound that Crist may toe-tap in the same league as Sen. Larry Craig, R-Ida Ho. (That’s pronounced ride-a-ho by the way).

McCAIN VEEPSTAKES. Politics1 Exclusive. How interested is Florida Governor Charlie Crist in being John McCain’s VP runningmate? So much so that veteran GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone — who coordinated a few dirty stunts in support of Crist during the 2006 gubernatorial campaign — is quietly peddling a so-called “Charlie Crist sex tape.” That’s what Stone called it during a telephone conversation. And no, it is not a tape of Crist having sex with a guy. In fact, it isn’t even X-rated. The video was seemingly staged to kill the rumors that Crist is gay. Stone claims the tape — which he discussed recently with Politics1, but didn’t show to us (“I’m saving it for the national shows”) — “shows Charlie fooling around in a hotel elevator with his girlfriend … They’re making out.” Adds Stone: “It was captured on a security camera in the elevator” last month. And Stone just conveniently happens to have a copy of the hotel’s elevator surveillance tape, just when Crist’s name is in play for the VP spot. Hmm. As for Crist’s purported girlfriend — presuming it is the same one he took as his date to the White House Correspondents Dinner in DC a few weeks ago — she’s still married (and not to Crist). Disclaimer: Always be skeptical of anything from Stone.

Now enough of the bogs – what has the local Florida press got to say? The Orlando Weekly weighs in with its own patented GAYDAR reading:

* Running mate has a mustache: GAY

* Has high cheekbones: GAY

* Prefers tailored suits: GAY

* Has Anderson Cooper hair: GAY

* Is down with civil unions: GAY

* Dots “I”s with stars on website: GAY

Erik Rhodes wins Grabbys! Finally! Really!

On May 24th the 17th annual Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards (Grabbys!) was held to coincide with IML weekend.   I suppose it makes sense as the porn stars will be there anyway – maybe they save on travel and hotel expenses.  But to the point(!) my right-coast pal Erik Rhodes won not just his first, but his first AND second awards at this event.  Technically he tied for one – but its the highest individual honor – Best Actor.  This for his role in “Ivy League” from Falcon of course.  He shares that with Jason Ridge from “A Rising Star”.  Jason’s new company Ridgeline Films by the way won its first awards.  His other award was Best Versatile Performer.

I sadly could not be there to congratulate Erik (and attend all the parties LOL!) as I was off on a museum and garden tour of New York City.   So I called to congratulate him but he must have been at parties all weekend as I rolled to voicemail every time.   And no, for the umpteenth time it is NOT true about a restraining order, and even so I was definitely more than 100 yards away all weekend.   So there!  I did finally catch up with him days later though.  He is his usual self-effacing self.  He hasn’t even watched himself in Ivy League and doesn’t think he’s a good actor.  And he hates the limelight, the publicity, the requests for interviews and photo ops.

Fortunately for you my pretties, not everyone missed IML and the Grabbys.  You can check out all the NSFW scoop here.’  And more here.  Note – this last one is not a permalink.  You will just have to browse the entire weekend of blog entries.

PS. I would have posted a pic of Erik basking in the award glow. However the only pics I could find involved other actors congratulating him rather, uh, intimately, and the above pic was absolutely the tamest – although he does have an expression that says either “Jeez let go of my balls Steve” or “I still can’t fuckin’ believe I won!”

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