If it warms up again here today I may try a smoothie at the new Frapeze Smoothie Spa next to Starbucks on 18th. I’ve checked the menu and it is an ‘interesting’ one – the smoothies are not your typical Jamba Juice knock-offs of frozen fruit and yogurt/sugar. But I’m not completely sure how tasty they will be – the menu reminded me a bit of the “raw” store that was in the Quickly site on Castro, and their stuff was inedible. Nutritious perhaps if you had an iron stomach.

Cafe Mystique has opened (at least for breakfasts) in the old Welcome Home restaurant location after a very promising remodel. Someone has invested heavily in the look – let’s hope the food has similar appeal. We won’t be able to try this one until we’re back from Los Angeles after New Years. The menu is North African fusion. Save me some lamb couscous with mache salad!

All American Boy is now gone from Castro. Space if for lease. The BOC is moving to Market Street. Perhaps the space being renovated where the Transfer was at Church and Market? Jet still under reno. Wicked Scent candle store closed. Perhaps a scotch tape store will open there now?


For lack of updates I plead sugar intoxication. My hubby unfortunately having egregious self-control, the role of eating up the cookies, chocolates, pies and other leftover holiday desserts and snacks normally not found in our house has befallen yours truly. And at my age the system can only stand so much “sugar shock.”

Last night we managed to roll ourselves out of the house to see “Doubt” which is thought-provoking and recommended. After that we got some exercise because our new addition Boo wanted to play, and play and play. Now that she is getting used to the house she loves to run up and down all the stairs and slide around the wood floors like a race-cat.

Brunch at Catch this morning – and I will be at the gym later, I swear!

Day aftermath

I have no real excuse for lack of posts.  Christmas was great – even starting with the tremendous gusts and torrential rains somewhere in the middle of the night before.  I assumed it would be a rainy if not stormy day.  Of course it was bright and sunny – totally a California Christmas.

Rick and I opened presents, trying to keep the new kitten (now named Boo) occupied with batting around wadded paper in bright colors.  It did seem to please here.  More importantly it diverted her from the tree itself.  Which we found she likes to try to climb.

Then we went into a cleaning and cooking tizzy.  The day before I had to see my doctor and she prescribed me a pill that she warned my could feel “upper-ish”.  Well, she was right!  Our floors have never seen such loving care with rags and Johnson’s wood floor oil soap!  I had to break out of my cleaning trance to do some cooking.  Rick was already roasting the prime rib (15 lbs!) and I had to make the sides.  Others brought salad, more sides and deserts.  I have to say my bread pudding made with orange-cranberry bread cubes and studded with crystallized ginger was a hit.  The last minute soak with Grand Marnier probably didn’t hurt it.

Today though has been a downer.  I am on a “sugar blues” reaction to all the desserts + chocolates I ate.  And I also had to spend hours rebalancing my stock portfolio to get ready for 2009.  Had to take a xanax to get through that LOL.

Christmas kick in the teeth: Obama wishes blessing from bigot Rick Warren

Emails from the Obama campaign (David Poufle) are now going to my spam.  He is dead to me.  I might have believed Obama’s press response if he had invited David Duke to the inauguration for balance on African American rights issues.

Obama may still be better for LGBTQ rights than McCain but his embrace of bigots shows how low we are in this society.

Will we have a Facebook-organized LGBTQ counter-inauguration?

The new queen

We went to the San Francisco SPCA on Harrison last weekend to look at the kittens and today I went back to get our new addition.  She doesn’t have a name yet.  R wants to see what her personality is like.  I think she likes company because I hear her meowing right now upstairs.  Better cut this short and go rub her ears.  A new queen is in the house!