Yoo-hoo it’s Friday!

And a sunny one at that. We’re about to follow the police cars that just zoomed down Diamond Street towards the Castro, and meet some friends for an evening cocktail at Toad Hall. Although – we’ll take Muni.


broke-ass Stuart reveals: Carne Asada Fries on 16th!

We are “101” – they are “The Hollywood”
We are 48 f$%^ing degrees with fog – they are 75 with smog
We are tofu kebabs – they are Carne Asada Fries

Well, until now. Christy Jovanelly for Mission-famous broke-Ass Stuart locates formerly only in LA specialty Carne Asada french fries at Tacqueria Los Coyotes on 16th Street (near Mission).

Much like the California burrito, carne asada fries are a very Southern California thing and involve disgusting (amazing) amounts of french fries, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and BEEF. They’re like nachos, but better because the trans fat from the fries makes everything taste extra delicious.

Wow – I didn’t know that about the California Burrito, either! So…check it out – if you dare. Not for the faint-of-heart. I mean that literally.

Earth buckets

A friend filled me in on Earth Buckets last weekend at our “South Bay” cocktail party. Essentially two nested plastic containers, garden-sized. The top container is filled with a potting mix and fertilizer, the bottom-nested container will hold water that enters via a pipe. The water wicks up as needed into the upper soil chamber, where any type of small plant you wish to try can grow.

I see they have them at our nursery in the ‘Stro – Hortica, pre-made. I’ll have to give one a try – since its time to play “kill the tomatoes” again.

Tea Party = Patriarchy

Interesting poll results were published in an article of the New York Times yesterday about Tea Baggers.  The article’s main interest as news seems to be that the results are surprising – in that the Tea Partiers are wealthier, older (much older), white, Republican – although more socially conservative even than Republicans as a group – and married (but not to the same sex) more than the rest of us.

Gosh – not much of a surprise I’d say. I think the MSM like to paint the Tea-baggers as more mainstream than they are, and in 2010 weathy old white conservatives hardly count as mainstream anymore.  And that is the nub of their anger.  It’s all about straight, white men losing their preferred and influential position at the table.  Doh!  They have to share power now!  And “something” about President Obama really, really, irks them.  Hmm they can’t put their finger on it – and when they do, the facts turn out to be incorrect, and not really matter – because they are just angry about where this country is headed.

Message to Tea-Baggers – America is headed forward under it’s first African-American President, a centrist, work-aholic, intellectual who confounds all the white stereotypes.

From the article: with my snarky yet insightful comments in [brackets]

The overwhelming majority of Tea Party supporters say Mr. Obama does not share the values most Americans live by, and that he does not understand the problems of people like themselves. More than half say the policies of the administration favor the poor [so un-Christian now that the Prosperity Gospel reins], and 25 percent, compared with 11 percent of the general public, think that the administration favors blacks over whites. They are more likely than the general public, and Republicans, to say that too much has been made of the problems facing black people [slavery, discrimination, segregation – so 100 years ago in their minds].

Asked what they are angry about, Tea Party supporters offered three main concerns: the recent health care overhaul, government spending, and a feeling that their opinions are not represented in Washington. [we’re not running the place now and we are ANGRY about it!].

Even more baldly – since the respondents complained about government spending and handouts – the Tea Baggers did not want any cuts to Medicare or Social Security. [After all, Tea Baggers are on those handouts – cut the poor peoples instead, they’re getting too much]

All in all, quite revealing and not at all surprising. The Old-Boy network and Patriarchy have finally hit upon a way that draws in media attention and even critical support to make a power-grab back to who-knows-when. And you know, it’s not just blacks (and gays) these folks are angry about. As the Vatican old-boys let slip the other day, they still have the Jews stuck in their craw. Independent-minded women (of course) and anyone else who might get in their way. Looked at this way, the Supreme Court decision that effectively grants mass voting rights to Corporations is just an opening shot at what this movement intends to accomplish.

It’s been a blur of a day – reading up on Pentecostalism (interesting), trying to finish taxes (frustrating, anger inducing), Yoga (stress-relieving but not quite able to overcome the tax experience), nachos at Roosevelt Tamale Parlor (since 1922!), then meeting friends for the one-woman show “Loveland” at The Marsh on Valencia (funny, sad, joyous at the end).  Now to relax, watch “Chasing Amy” on dvd and get ready for work tomorrow.

Yoga retreat – the aftermath

I have a lot of catching up to do here.  First, the Calistoga Yoga Retreat.  Me, Shmoopy, our Yogi Tim Floreen and 22 (or so) fun and flexible women stretched, twisted and ujaya-breathed our ways to a weekend of fun and relaxation if not utter bliss.

The weather was fantastic last weekend – sunny and mild the whole three days we were up there.  No traffic on the way either, and little on the way back to mar the experience.

The first night I dined with a trio of self-described “wild girls” – one from SF, one living in Walnut Creek, and one now living in Folsom.  They had all met at a previous job and were all close friends, still in touch, and out for a fun weekend.  One was now a Mom, and had little yoga experience but was up for whatever – and she seemed to do great.  One girl was doing Bikram four times a week – the most yoga of anyone I met during the retreat.  She was the one who seemed to really have a wild life out in the suburbs, with stories of dating and parties.

We went to bed pretty early – tired from a great Yoga practice.  I didn’t hear any noise from the wild girl group so I think they did too.  Saturday morning we had a second Yoga practice then spent the main part of the day walking around the ranch trails, taking photos, talking with other guests and just relaxing until the evening yoga practice.  Which was excruciating – and we were all expecting a lighter evening practice (well, I was!) instead of a real heavy-duty one.  I did manage to do the peacock posture though – which is apparently somewhat advanced.  I didn’t know anything about it and just followed what Tim was saying – I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it if I had known what it was.  Mind over matter – and sometimes it is just the opposite.

We also each had brought for the retreat a particular posture that we wanted to work on.  I had crow, Shmoopy had plow.  Crow was the most common as it turned out, and I so we had a good bit of yogic focus on that one (yea!) but we had a go at each.  And I will say this was the first time I was able to touch my toes to the floor doing plow.

That second night we had homework – to write ourselves a letter about some new insight or mindset from the retreat experience.  We wrote them overnight for Tim to collect the next day, with the promise he would mail them out at some undisclosed future date.  So that will be interesting to get a letter from myself in a totally different headspace – not caught up in the normal daily life frustrations, or more importantly not caught up in the minutiae and worries of making a living, as opposed to  living a life.

At dinner I got to talk to some women living in different parts of San Francisco – other than where we all hang out, such as like The Castro and SOMA.  One girl lived in North Beach, several in Russian Hill. It was interesting just talking about the experience of living in different SF neighborhoods, and what people liked or disliked about them. Everyone talked about how as small as the City physically is, people do tend to stick very much to neighborhoods.  I find that very true – I have to make an effort to get out to other neighborhoods more – much more!  Now, I have some cafes to try out in North Beach.

Me and Shmoopy after the retreat, at Lyon Street Steps

We closed the weekend with one last yoga practice on Sunday morning before we all said our goodbyes, hugged and headed back.  The wild girls were stopping at an Outlet Mall in Napa on the way back. “They have BCBG!” one mentioned.  Others had kids or husbands to get back to.  Shmoopy let me drive his car back and once we were back in SF, I drove us over to Lyon and Vallejo and parked.  That’s where the little park is where we got married.  So we went in and took some pictures and kissed and watched the view.  And then we went home.