Fresh & Easy in the Mission

Tesco’s U.S. supermarket chain, branded “Fresh and Easy”, which opens its first SF store on Clement Street today, has just signed a lease on the old Delano’s (IGA) space on S. Van Ness in the Mission. Hmmm seems like Fresh and Easy would be perfect in the Castro!


The perils of shooting food

And I am not referring to hunting accidents. I was perusing the interwebs just now for a recipe for a pizza I want to make for a dinner party tonight that will have Italian sausage with panna and green onions. I had this pizza at Starbelly in the Castro recently and it is a delicious combination. When I googled for a recipe my first hit came up with a similar pizza photographed at Beretta, which is an immensely and deservedly popular Italian cocktail bar and restaurant nearby on Valencia Street.
Here it is:

Sausage, panna and green onion pizza at Beretta on Valencia and 23rd, the Mission.

I looked at the photo and thought “Eeeeww! A moldy pizza.” The splotches of panna on the tomato sauce photograph as mold – not making for an appetizing advertisement!

Reporting from the roof…




As of a couple weeks ago, the “Sweet 100” cherry tomato is doing very well on the roof. You can see it is becoming shrubby rather than growing tall so far, because it has been quite cool – rarely hitting the 60s. The Armenian cucumbers are the much smaller plants that look as if just planted – these must require much more heat as they were planted the same time as the tomato, but have barely grown.