2 legit 2 quit

I don’t think this has gone viral, yet. I like it. Make it so!


Tartine at home!

Today’s mail brought me a new book, Tartine Bread. Yes, that Tartine. And in the chapter on baguettes, I’m already reading about how, in the early twentieth century, bread bakers got away from using wild leavening (a.k.a. starters) with the advent of commercial baker’s yeast and the realization that on the normal scale of commercial baking the yeast gave a much more consistent, and quicker, result.

Of course, what was lost was the flavor that was created by the traditional long. slow rising process that the wild leaven required. So it was in the 80s that bakers began to experiment again with the old methods-just before the original knowledge of the process was nearly lost.

I’ve recently gotten a sourdough starter from wild San Francisco yeasts from a friend, and have been doing some baking with it. Now I’ll be getting deeper into this, to see how close I can come at home to bread with the texture and flavor of breads from Semi Freddi, Tartine and Acme.

Butter burger – the new menace to your arteries

Has anyone been to Maverick’s on 17th at Mission for the butter burger yet? I saw a video of how it’s prepared.

Chuck from Montana is ground up with sticks of butter. Really. Then cooked sous-vide at 52c for 25 minutes or so, then browned in more butter. Served with melted butter. Yikes!


Sounds like a new take on those Texas restaurants you hear about serving seven pound steaks. They should be like “Eat the butter burger for nothing! Your $17 back if you’re heart-attack free for a week after.*”

*$17 includes wine with your butter and beef fat.

Bi-Rite coming to Alamo Square

According to their website, the new location at 550 Divis (and Hayes) will be opening next Spring. A long time to get it ready, but it is supposed to be twice the floor space of the cozy 18th Street gourmet gulch location. It will have an in-store Bi-Rite Creamery stand, and (yea!) it will be conveniently on my #24 bus line. So, no parking worries.

New stuff in the ‘hood(s)

Change never stops when you’re Queeristan!

The old “Plant-it Earth” spot (or as I used to say “the pot-farming store”) is now a home furnishings store. With a forgettable, forgotten name. Sofas and tchatchkes and such. Oh my. Think Kenneth Wingard without the clothing. A little bit. Add the paper-maiche bull heads. In rainbow colors. Oh my.

And at 14th and Mission (hello kink.com!) a new housing development has broken ground. Check the deets over at MissionMission.