Yoga weekend!

Shmoopy and I are headed up to Calistoga for a Yoga retreat all weekend. Om!  And this is the picture Google returns first for “Yogi image -bear”:

Advertising – one of the things I am getting away from for a few days.


Why there’s no Super Being

I was watching one of TV’s intellectually stimulating reality shows when the Millionaire Matchmaker finally asked a client if he would marry an atheist. And the client (a professional volleyball player) said no, because he was very spiritual – although he doesn’t like organized religion.

And immediately I start thinking through the proposition that an atheist might still be spiritual. But maybe that’s more for the agnostics. And while I was thinking about that – bear with me here! – I considered whether atheism might apply to disbelief in a Super Being type deity but leave open the possibility or embrace belief in other supernatural forces.

And that made me think about what it would feel like to be a Super Being. And specifically to be a solitary Super Being. And that felt like a huge drag. I mean, it would be great for a few minutes – sure! But then, just in the few seconds between creating St. Barts in February so you can lie on a blue-and-white striped chaise lounge at a beautiful Michelin rated beachside restaurant / cocktail bar and the onset of the instinct to call your friends stuck back in Chicago freezing their ‘nads off – you slap your head and shout “Damn, right, I’m all-the-fuck alone here!” And that would suck because even though you created a bunch of people who look (sort of) like yourself all they want to do is either worship you or kill each other. And frankly, as a Super Being, that’s just boring.

And you can’t even turn on a comedy show on TV! I mean, f*ck – when you’re a Super Being, no punch-line is going to have that surprise ooomph that makes you snort the champers out your nose. No way! I mean, you’re gonna see that punch line coming a mile away.

Same for suspense movies. I mean – Geez! (no pun intended) – like you had “Memento” nailed at the opening credits.

Well, that’s as far as I got thinking about it. It got depressing to imagine what it would be like to be the Universe’s only Deity. It would be hell.

Now that’s Queer news

It’s being reported that Jesse Helms’ surviving entourage (who are these people?) are attempting to whitewash his homophobia and legacy of hatred and vilification of gays. Did Strom Thurmond’s survivors try to whitewash his racism? I think it says the most about the man that his people find it necessary in 2010 to try to rewrite his history for posterity. Gosh, wouldn’t he want to be compared to Hitler?

F*gg!ts and N&s and Healthcare

So monumental legislation that will affect most of our lives in one way or other has now been passed by the Democrats in Congress. And it has been passed amidst a scene of angry, racist, homophobic hysteria fomented by so-called news media.

In today’s Washington Post, the headline news is not the racism and homophobia itself, naturally, it’s that the Tea Party protesters were “accused” of racist and homophobic slurs. How nasty for the Democratic leaders of Congress to call the protesters names!

Hurtful as it is to have it made plain once more – in spades as it were – that racism and homophobia are living and breathing and just waiting for the moment when they can resume running the country, it can help in the practical sense that well-meaning and thoughtful straight, white people who see these things then see what motivates a large number people whom they otherwise might pay attention to.

Along the same lines, it was elucidating to see the division within the Catholic Church over the US nuns decision to support healthcare – as Maureen Dowd wrote this morning “The nuns stepped up to support true Catholic dogma, making sure poor people get proper health care.” Whereas the male hierarchs of the Church remained staunch in their position – understandable since they have to curry political favor somewhere, as the liability for their crime against children becomes ever more visible.

article today


I’ve had my “Google phone” – officially the Nexus One – for a month and change now. I love it, I am addicted to it even more than I was to my Blackberry Pearl.

Just one thing – it’s just not the best phone. I mean I won’t give it up – the features are fantastic and I think Android is sooo much easier to use than Blackberry. The speech-to-text alone is invaluable for texting and works decently even in noise. But forget about using it without a bluetooth headset or the included corded mic/phones. The sound fades in / out seemingly at random from the phone’s own speaker and the voice-quality is quite tinny when using the phone’s mic.

Yes, I know that early reviews all acclaimed the sound quality – but I have no idea what phone they were actually listening to. Probably just reading the press releases which all touted the special audio chip. Earth to Google/HTC – back to the drawing board on your audio chip! And, give a phone a decent speaker next time.

In the meantime, I am synching my phone with my iTunes playlists using doubleTwist. Oh – iPhone users? Yes, I can send texts while listening in on a work conference call! So there!

My calls don’t drop either.

Kale me now!

You recall about five weeks ago – despairing of winter – I decided to go with the season, and started several pots of cool-weather loving kale on the roof.  Not only is kale a green leafy nutrient dense vegetable, it grows when nothing else will.  Well, here in Queeristan and specifically on my roof, little thrives – but the kale is doing better than almost anything else I’ve tried.  It’s giving the cymbidium1orchids a run for their money.

And today we had – the first kale for dinner!  Okay – that doesn’t look like much but it was good – cooked with salt, pepper and a dash of vinegar.

So beautiful this morning I was over working at Queen Malika before 7am.  Not going to happen again after the time change this weekend though!

When I got back, I glanced out the balcony we have that faces Twin Peaks.  And despite the pure beauty of the day – or perhaps to karma-ically balance it out in some way – I see a column of smoke is rising from the top of Clipper Street in one direction.  In the other direction I see that the Twin Peaks three-pronged monster (aka The Antenna) seems to be newly crowned with bright pink caps on several of the antenna points.  New cell towers?  Does anyone know?  I know my T-Mobile service is still as sketchy as ever.  Must be Verizon.