Swimming the sidewalk koi pond

I just like these! Swimming in various “sidewalk koi ponds” around the neighborhood now.





Cold news after Thanksgiving

Apparently the employees at the Delano’s IGA supermarket on 18th Street were notified yesterday that the chain is closing in a week.¬†This will leave a portion of the neighborhood without a market in walking distance – the nearest store will be the Safeway at Church and Market.¬†Although expensive, it will be missed!

The IGA took over the old Lucky’s store that had been there for years. Maybe this is the opportunity that Trader Joe’s has been looking for?

Election reflection

During the 2008 Presidential election cycle I admit I was unduly glued to and perhaps addicted to the daily (even hourly) updates of poll results, pundit opinions, slips and gaffes and shining moments of the candidates.

I realized though that in large measure it is just entertainment – that’s what it’s all out there for, to provide “content” for all the old and especially new media channels. Channels which need fresh content – even if its only mildly different, or some other expert’s re-analysis of the same incident – to get fresh eyeballs. Page visits, newspaper or magazine pages, television – politics generates feeling, which is something a lot of scripted content just doesn’t do as intensely.

This cycle I’ve moderated my intake of “news” trying to curate content for myself. I bypassed all the shows pretty much on election night – and even now the “day after” the headlines I see are still the same “non news” we’ve been seeing / hearing for, literally, months – the Republicans won the House in a landslide, made major gains in the Senate. But until we actually see how this begins to affect ¬†legislation – the Bush tax cuts? The future of Obamacare? A public works jobs plan? – the headlines, and punditry, remain for me devoid of news. A friend sent me a link to photos of signs at the recent “Rally to Restore Sanity” that drew 250,000 people in DC. My favorite sign was “Without CNN, I would have no idea what was happening on Twitter.” Which I think pretty much sums things up here.

Now, I admit I won’t be able to resist when some of these Tea Partiers like new Sen. Rand Paul start actually shaking things up, and introducing bills. In a few months, the news-tainment industry should have plenty of fresh content, and news crews can stop repeating themselves – and Twitter.


What’s next?

Today is the sixth and last weekly session of the short story workshop series I have been participating in at the Writers Grotto, at 2nd and Bryant. Led by Elizabeth Bernstein – editor of The Big Ugly Review among many other literary accomplishments – this series has been a great kick-in-the-pants to continue working on some story ideas that I had allowed to languish. Getting the opportunity for expert critique has been helpful but more, it has somehow also provided both inspiration and confidence in my ability. The group has been great from another standpoint . Only two of us in the group are gay and it’s made me realize what a bubble I live in here in Queeristan. It doesn’t change what I’ll be writing about, in fact on the contrary it’s made me realize even more that every story has its interest, its importance, and its audience.

I will miss these Wednesday nights!