In the middle of our San Francisco-style heat-wave, where 85 degrees is oppressive, an April shower of writing assignments is falling. On me! I landed a blog re-write into a technical whitepaper last Friday and today got an email from a client in London who needs web content edited for a new ‘micro site’ her firm is launching to promote offshore services. The same client also needs a whitepaper written based on some upcoming roundtable discussions the firm’s experts will have on a the topic of crowd-sourcing. That should be a very interesting topic. I did a paper for them on a few aspects of that topic last year, particularly how Amazon uses crowd-sourcing in its very successful business model – generating user recommendations and reviews of products.

Later today I head to see my doctor for my latest cholesterol test results. I can’t wait to see stuff I can longer eat. No more bacon and cheese grilled sandwiches? Cut back on almond-paste stuffed french toast? Anything but my weekly Burger Meister Nieman Ranch hamburger with fries! And I’m sure the BBQ at Memphis Minnie’s isn’t that fatty, right?

Well, I did recently give up caffeine and I feel much better overall since doing it. I suppose a lower fat diet will have a similar effect in the long run – once the withdrawal cravings abate.


My morning view

I’m writing from the Duboce Park cafe this morning, at Sanchez and Duboce Streets, watching the cyclists and the N-trains go by. The cafe has been done with a nice 1940s retro vibe.
It’s one of those once or twice a year mornings where I can where shorts and enjoy an iced coffee. I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Werking it!

I’m on another writing assignment – this time to create a marketing whitepaper based upon a series of blog posts from a tech company’s website. I think I’ll have to conduct some interviews as well. The topic is going to be drier than others I’ve done for this firm, but actually relates closely to work I’ve done in the past – running a Program Management Office efficiently. So it should be a good learning assignment.

I’m at Duboce Park cafe this morning, the one across from the park at Duboce and Sanchez. I like that they have stuff to eat for breakfast such as organic oatmeal rather than just a selection of pastries. I eat enough junk food at home in moments of weakness so it’s nice to be at a place that has stuff to satisfy a hunger pang without guilt.

On a different note, I am sore in a score of places this morning from my first “core-and-abs” class yesterday. The class was great – a sweaty cardio and weights workout focusing on the legs and glutes and abs with some arms and shoulders thrown in. It was an updated version of Jr. High gym. Instead of an old coach with a paunch and a stainless steel whistle we had a hot gay guy yelling at us through a Madonna-style wireless headset. Such encouragement!

Remain calm…

It’s been a stressful week. Taxes, of course, first on the list of complications. Yesterday I went down to the Charles Schwab office in West Portal to drop off Roth IRA paperwork. Seems I made so little income last year that I qualified for a Roth. Yea! I guess.

Anyway, I went down there and as the woman checked for any missing information she noticed I had forgotten to put in the expiration date for my drivers license. So I pulled out my license and read off the expiration date. Which would be – today!

When I got home I went online to the DMV to see if I could renew there. And I could if they had processed my address change properly a while back. But, they did not. And you cannot do an online license renewal with an address change at the same time.

I check for the next available appointment anywhere in San Francisco. Three weeks out! So, I had no choice but to spend a sunny afternoon at the DMV at the end of the Panhandle, along with hundreds of others.

At least they have enough seats in the waiting area. I spent about ninety minutes – and I am thankful at least that I didn’t get a parking ticket because I think the zone I was in was one-hour. Naturally the DMV parking lot (not a small one) was full of cars already circling for someone to leave when I got there. But I did leave with a valid interim license and the hope that the real one (with new photo!) will follow to the correct address in a couple weeks.

So I was thinking today would be a day to sit and do some writing – but the home PC signalled in bold red on boot-up that the RAID array was “degraded” sending me on a googling-spree for any information on what that meant. After that It’s been a few hours of downloading diagnostics from the disk manufacturer and waiting for them to run. After which it turns out that the error codes the disk is giving aren’t even in the manufacturer’s (Western Digital) database. So I think its going to need a drive replacement. Arghh.

Time for a relaxing shower and Trader Joe’s tangerine sugar scrub to wipe away the day!

Vermont okays gay marriage

Towleroad reports that both houses of the Vermont legislature have voted this morning to override the veto of Gov. Jim Douglas, making marriage a reality for gays in that state. This on the heels of last week’s unanimous ruling in favor by the Iowa Supreme Court.

The Senate voted 23-5, overriding the veto by a wide margin, while the House squeaked through with a 2/3 majority with a 100-47 vote.