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Christian bigots fester not foster in UK

A bigoted Christian couple in Derby in the UK have been denied permission to provide foster care after the woman admitted to an interviewer that she could not tell her child that it was OK to be gay.

The woman reported being asked  “What would you do if a 10 year-old child came home and said they had been picked on because they were homosexual?  Do you know you would have to tell them that it’s ok to be homosexual?” Continue reading

Back in the Castro…

Meanwhile, once I was back in the Castro after my workout,  a man wearing jeans with a pink belt, wrapped around and tied, not threaded, holding a faintly striped white dress shirt around his naked torso as a wrap, passed by me on his hurry to the subway.  For the icing on this fashion cake, he was carrying (for no discernible reason) a stuffed animal in cobalt blue and acid green.

Maybe it was a murse in disguise:

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Sunny day ramblings

Its a beautiful day here in San Francisco.  Sun, and its actually warming things.  My fingers are crossed for a fog-less evening too.

Now, the warm weather does bring out the fashionistas here.  And not always in a good way.  I just got done with a grueling workout and I have a memo to Mr. 6’2″ tattooed scruffy butch hottie, also  working out this morning at Gold’s SOMA , – your denim clam-diggers (I’m from the East Coast, that’s what we call capri pants) don’t go with.  This fashion tip coming from someone sporting a bleach-tipped fauxhawk.  Yeah I know. It’s just my personal opinion. Leave a snarky comment if you disagree.
Also at the gym was “hot backpack guide” which is how he describes himself online.  (No link, find him yourself!)  Also tattooed, former Marine (and could be on a recruiting poster), severe crewcut.  We were both doing legs, and he followed me on the butt blaster.  I am not making that up, thats what the manufacturer calls it.  I sat close by doing the hip abductors at that point so I had a nice view of his bubble-icious derriere, to which black spandex clung like body paint.  After he was done, I had to sneak back to see what weight he was doing and it was less than me!   I felt positively verklempt.

Its not just fashion that gets crazy here when its a warm sunny (i.e. very unusual) day.  All sorts of shit happens.  While getting ready for my leg extent set, for which I use the same Bodymasters machine each time in case the machines have any differences in gearings which would make the effective resistance different, I noticed that the maching now says Obeyyourmasters.  On one side, the other still having the original lettering.  Now this was not done by someone on a whim with a marker pen handy.  Someone carefully reproduced the font using, printed the letters, and stuck them on the machine.


I don’t know if I was responding to some not-so-subliminal message, but I eked out another ten pounds per set on that machine today.

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Ex-MicroSoft employee leaves largest bequest ever to AIDS, Gay Causes

weiland.jpgRic Weiland, one of the earliest MicroSoft employees and a high school classmate of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, has bequeathed $65 million to HIV AIDS and Gay related organizations.

He was hired in 1975, the same year Bill Gates founded Microsoft in Albuquerque, N.M.  As one of just five Microsoft employees, Weiland was a lead programmer and developer for the company’s BASIC and COBOL systems, two of the first personal computing interfaces.  He later was the project manager for MicroSoft Works.

He left the company in 1988 for philanthropic causes, many gay related.  He died in 2006 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Weiland gave tens of millions of dollars to groups prior to his death in 2006.  In the latest bequest, the Pride Foundation said Weiland’s estate had established a fund at the foundation that would give $46 million over the next eight years to 10 national gay rights and HIV/AIDS groups, including Lambda Legal; the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays; the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation; and amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.  His estate also bequeathed $19 million directly to the Pride Foundation for scholarships and grants supporting the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in the Pacific Northwest.

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Ralph Nader – megalomaniac or just senile?

Ralph Nader today announced he will again run as a third party candidate for President.  Is he just too self-absorbed to remember the harm his candidacy caused in 2000 when Al Gore could have been elected to the White House had it not been for Nader?  Or is he just senile?  Perhaps he is neither, but instead the quintessential instantiation of that old neo-conservative canard the limousine liberal.   From his mighty and protected perch, he can afford another reign like George Bush’s.  And so be it, if instead he would have to compromise any of his own principles by backing the Democratic nominee.

Nader announces.


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