Not-so-secret advantage: Sanity

So, for 2012 the Democrats can’t point to economic recovery (hello double dip! ), withdrawal from Treasury-draining foreign adventures (Libya anyone?), correction of Banking problems that led to the financial crisis (prosecution, what’s that?), cessation of human rights abuses (Guantanamo still full? Let’s add a secret prison in Afghanistan!), or even preventing people with weapons from boarding planes (had your underwear checked lately? Next year we’re getting MRIs).

Sounds like a recipe for political disaster. Luckily for the Dems, Obama may be running against someone who, sans millions of dollars, would likely be seen by their neighbors as loony crackpots. Rick Perry? Michelle Bachmann? I won’t even go on. In this country, ¬†sufficient wealth, or even just notoriety (I’m talking about you, Bristol), ¬†become a pixie dust that sprinkles credibility over stupidity, greed and stubbornness.

Throw in a serving of on-camera charisma, add ignorance-based confidence, and you have a recipe for a Republican primary season that may save even a Kenyan-Muslim-Socialist’s political life. Here’s to Iowa!

Meanwhile, let’s hope the voters next week in Wisconsin recall the Republicans to get back progressive influence in that state.