Up 18th Street a few blocks from Castro Street, sits the neighborhood Catholic Church.  It used to host charity bingo nights featuring Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, before the hierarchy forced a crackdown a few years ago.  Sometimes I have a morning coffee and do some work from a nearby cafe on 18th Street a few more blocks uphill.  A group of retirees comes in apparently every morning at about 9am as soon as weekday morning Mass lets out.  Its a mix of men and women, and some of them are gay and some not and they all apparently hang out together quite happily.

What with the Pope welcoming break-away homophobic Episcopalian and Anglican churches, as is  the homophobic Nigerian Anglican Archbishop, perhaps now is the time that the congregations of Catholic churches in the Bay Area begin their own secession efforts.  One would imagine a lot of Catholics here are frustrated and even worried about the hateful and frankly anti-Christian atmosphere that wafts from their Church’s upper-levels these days.

And dollars donated by even liberal congregations are being used for oppression by those in power – witness the hidden collaboration of the Catholic and Mormon Churches in the Prop 8 campaign.  How long will it take before the proposed genocide in Uganda is traced back further than the trail already uncovered to the Evangelical radicals like Rick Warren all the way to the supposedly more mainstream Christian churches?

At some point, tolerance becomes cooperation becomes collaboration. Concerned church goers need to speak out and be heard. God is listening even if the Pope is not.


Clean foods – week 2

Well, I’ve been pretty consistent this week as well – although this morning after Yoga Shmoopy and I went to the Castro Tarte and I totally forgot and had pancakes.  Yummy but kinda like, they were, uh, bleached white flour pancakes.  So…Not to mention last night while fetching a bottle of Chardonnay from the wine cooler I found Shmoopy’s chocolate stash!  So of course I had a sneak piece before he could change the spot.  But aside from minor slips, week two has been good and I don’t find myself craving the old foods and snacks.  And I don’t know if its the Spring-like warm wet weather or the dietary change, but I do feel more energy and ability to concentrate and get things done.

No sugar, no flour, no problem

Week one report on the “clean food” diet – after the first week of eating only foods with no added sugar, no white flour, no potatoes.  Now, for most people this might not be a big deal but for me, sugar is like crack cocaine or crystal meth – it is ultra addictive.  Back in college I was a known sugar-freak.  Since then I’ve kicked it, and then gradually gone back and tried to only partake on holidays or special occasions and such – but it’s almost like they say with alcohol.  If I stay away from it entirely I have much more success because the craving gets more and more remote.

Shmoopy can eat one piece of candy and forget about the rest.  Not me – it’s definitely “You can’t eat just one” with me.  So, clean food detox for the past week.  How has it been?  Not as bad as I thought.  And the results so far are great.

This week I have more energy, better ability to concentrate and the “need” for sugary / floury foods is much less.  I’m more productive at work, and yet I feel less stressed.  I’ve been working out better as well.  All around it’s been very positive.  I’m going to try to keep this up.

Padma’s a Mom!

Popular Bravo (aka the Gay Channel) Top Chef host, author and model Padma Lakshmi delivered a baby girl over the weekend!  The baby is Krishna Thea Lakshmi – a classical Sanskrit name, according to her mom.

Padma’s pregnancy was the buzz all last season on Top Chef, and Padma has not revealed the father.  Formerly married to Salman Rushdie, they divorced in 2007.  Now the question for her fans – and we are Legion here in Queeristan! – will she return to Top Chef?

Clean food week

Decided to go on a clean food diet this week to stop the sugar and salt snack cravings which have been creeping up on me lately. Also somewhat influenced by having recently watched Food Inc.

After a great yoga session by candlelight last night we got back and dined on a salad with a tofu that was actually tasty. Wildwood smoked mild Szechuan style. I thought it was delicious.

Governor, who wants it?!

I was at dinner tonight (Thai Express – had the yummy red curry tofu with brown rice!) and we got to talking about….politics.  But rather than discussing whether we agreed or not about the pansy-ass leadership of the HRC and the current blog-driven shaming attempt to get them to challenge the Prez to issue an order against DADT, Shmoopy led off with informing me that Sen. Feinstein announced  she was not running for Gov.

We both agreed that the state is in too sad shape, with too much inertia, and a humongous patch-work constitution for any one person to make a difference.  What we need is a constitutional convention.  Short of that, the best we can hope for of the next Governor is that, like the captain of the Titanic, he tries to make sure it’s not just the rich getting the lifeboats – and we saw how that turned out.

Meanwhile on the local scene, our gay Valentine Hizzoner Gavin Newsom still has not made up his mind.  The SF Chronicle reports:

Mayor Gavin Newsom said Tuesday he is giving “serious, due-diligence” consideration to a run for lieutenant governor, and could make his move as early as Wednesday.

Good luck on that, Mayor!